Recycling Yogurt Pots

Plastic Fantastic?

Can i recycle yogurt pots?

Yes, but its best to check if they are collected as part of your council’s kerbside scheme because yoghurt pots are made of a different kind of plastic called polystyrene.

In truth all plastics can be recycled; the only restrictions are having the facilities and the infra-structure in place. The good news is that new technologies are being developed continuously and extrusion machinery is now available, to produce products from mixed plastics, including polystyrene that was once thought impossible.

How can i re-use them?

  • Plastic containers of all sizes and descriptions can be used for a variety of uses in the greenhouse and garden. These pots make ideal seed pots, bird feeders and even to deal with insect pest control.
  • To use as a bird feeder, simply collect your waste cooking oil and whilst still warm, carefully pour it into an old yoghurt pot, then sprinkle bird seed into it for a great bird treat! You can even attach a string through the middle and hang it from a tree in the garden.
  • Pots can also be used in schools and playgroups for making a variety of artistic items, in addition to crayon and chalk holders, paint stamps and other crafts.