Recycling Yellow Pages

Give your old directory a second change

picture of yellow pages that can be recycled

Can i recycle the yellow pages?

Yes you can recycle old yellow pages directories and the great news is that most local authorities will accept them.

Contrary to popular belief, Yellow pages are in fact made from white paper! The yellow colour is just ink printed in the same way as the adverts themselves.

Yellow Pages encourage the ‘Yellow Woods Campaign’ which is an educational way for children to learn about the benefits of recycling and also to encourage woodland development. Yellow Pages even provide the opportunity to win cash prizes and also support the woodland trust on a pound for pound basis. Clever Yellow Pages!

To know more you can call the Directory Recycling Helpline on 0800 671444 between 8:30 – 5:30; Monday to Friday, or visit the their Directory Recycling Scheme online. We like those nice and socially responsible people!