Recycling Wood

So many things are made from wood so where do they all go?

picture of wood to be recycled

Can i recycle wood?

Wood can be recycled. Most local authority household waste recycling centres will be able to accept it. Please note, that many centres will not be able to accept wood that has been treated such as some fence palings.

How is wood recycled?

Wood is primarily recycled by being reused it can be sawn down and have its appearance drastically changed to suit a different function. Wood may also be processed down and then turned into chipboard for a new lease on life. The wood can be shaved and used in landscaping as chips or it can be mixed with other materials to form polymer alloys and also it can be used in a commercial, industrial and even domestic capacity as an absorbent. Other products made from recycled wood even include biomass fuels. Examples of wood that be recycled does not just include raw timber but often furniture that is made from wood too!

What else can be done with wood?

Wood from your own home could be used to make other items such as shelves or even shaved down and added to your compost heap.

Recycled wood products are readily available and you can do your bit to help by making sure the next time you buy any it is recycled.

There are also specialist companies that exist that deal with recycling wood. Many of these offer a collection service that is usually chargeable but is often cheaper then a skip.