Recycling White Goods

When it comes to being green, make sure you are whiter then white!

Help the environment take a pit stop..

Can i recycle white goods?

 Yes, white goods such as cookers, freezers, washing machine etc will be accepted by most recycling centres. Many retailers now offer a free white goods pickup where they will take your old appliance away upon purchase of a new item. Recycling white goods may also be offered by your local authority.

As up-dated versions of such items are constantly produced there tends to be a lot of waste in electrical items. They usually contain large amounts of metals or toxic gases contributing to ozone depletion and therefore, should be recycled or dealt with accordingly. Due to the vast majority of these been imported, their carbon footprint in transport is also very high.

How can I help?

  • Before buying your new appliance, see if the store can collect your old one and transport it to a local recycling centre, specializing in WEEE recycling management.
  • See if you can do a part exchange on your electrical appliance.
  • Look through the DTI directory to search for companies that may collect your unwanted appliances