Recycling Toys

Don't trip over unwanted toys - find a new home for them

Can i recycle toys?

No, your curbside collection scheme will not collect unwanted toys, and neither will your local recycling centre. However on some toys that are unrepairable there are plastic and metal parts on them that can be recycled.

What else can i do with them?


  • Local playgroups may be happy to use toys still in working condition.
  • Donate toys to charity shops or hospitals.
  • ‘Tric’ is a toy-recycling group encouraging parents to recycle unbroken toys.
Children less fortunate should be given the chance to enjoy play too. Donating toys that are no longer of use, but are still in perfect working order will put many a smile on a childs face. Searching online for organisations that will accept your children’s unwanted toys can make a real difference. Churches, Social Services, homeless shelters and orphanages are a great place to start. Search for charitable organisations in your area. It’s child’s play!
Other options are to sell your unwanted toys on a jumble sale or put an advirtisement in your local newspaper.