Recycling Tin Foil

Tin foil is actually made of aluminium - recycle it with your drinks cans!

Can i recycle tin foil?

Yes. You can recycle tin foil at your nearest recycling bank, and some kerbside collection schemes will take tin foil too.

How should i recycle tin foil?

  • Always wash your tin foil thoroughly before recycling
  • If you collect drinks cans as part of a Cash for Cans scheme, you may be able to sell used aluminium foil too.

As well as tin foil, you can also recycle these other aluminium items:

  • Milk bottle tops
  • Barbeque and freezing trays
  • Cigarette and tobacco foil

You can’t recycle: crisp packets or any other items of foil coated with plastic

Re-use your tin foil

  • Wash your tin foil and re-use it for cooking
  • Save take-away cartons for storing portions of food in the freezer
  • Cut cleaned tin foil into tiny shapes for use as decorative glitter or other craft