Recycling Printer Cartridges

Fill 'em up!

Can i recycle printer cartridges?

Can they be recycled?

No, recycling centres will not normally accept them for recycling. There are other options and organisations that specialise in recycling your printer cartridge. This may be dependant on the type and model. Many manufacturers are also now running their own recycling program such as Brother & HP so it may be best to check with your manufacturer.


Get your cartridge refilled. There are 280 Cartridge World stores in the U.K. Just take your empty cartridge and they will refill it for you.

Alternatively, refill it yourself. You can buy ink from companies like ‘JR inkjet’ cartridges by post.


You can also donate your empty printer cartridgesto certain charities. They will re-fill them, then re-sell them to raise money.

How should i recycle aerosols?

  • Make sure you empty the contents of the aerosol before you recycle it.
  • Remove any removable parts of the aerosol like the lid etc and recycle with the correct materials