Recycling Numberplates

What's in a number?

Can i recycle number plates?

Yes, you heard correct, number plates! Did you know that number plates on cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are one of the most lucrative items that you can recycle from a vehicle before it gets scrapped? Many people think that number plates only have a value if they are short and carry a name or someone’s initials, not true. New Reg has recently released information to confirm that in recent months the most attractive and desirable number plates are those that spell words and company names, and many of these were issued as standard over the years of the DVLC and DVLA registering new vehicles.

Make sure that you look at your number plate before you haul it off to the scrap metal buyer, to see if you have a hidden gen like L454 GNE, CLA 55Y or FAV 80Y. If you do think that you have a winner it’s easy to have transferred, simply contact a UK reputable dealer and let them talk you through the process.