Recycling Magazines

Trash the trashiest magazine? NO!

Magazines ready to be recycled or re-used

Can i recycle magazines?

 Yes, magazines can be recycled with other paper items and will be collected by your local authority with your regular recycling. Alternatively, they can be recycled in recycle bins that take cardboard and paper. You can find these bins located throughout your city or by using our locator.

How are magazines recycled?

Although magazines are often a high gloss shiny paper that contains a clay element they are still recycled in a manner like other papers. Magazines are shredded and combined with water to make pulp. The pulp is then processed where it is used to make other paper products of a lower grade.

Can i recycle magazines?

Magazines can also be donated to hospitals, local doctors, dentist surgeries or even some libraries. Schools may be able to make use of them creatively, too. If you have an old collection of some magazines then there may also be some value in selling them!  Alternatively, offer them to a friend or a neighbour as they may get some enjoyment from them. Reusing is a great way to recycle magazines!