Recycling Light Bulbs

I've just had a bright idea...

Can i recycle light bulbs?

No, normal household light bulbs cannot be recycled via kerbside collection schemes.

How can I help?

If you are a business, try using fluorescent light bulbs. They only use around a quarter the energy of a normal bulb, and last a lot longer. Ultimately helping the environment, and saving you money! Fluorescent bulbs do contain mercury and therefore classified as hazardous waste, and need to be disposed of properly. Although mercury is extremely toxic to the environment, these bulbs (when disposed of properly) are still favoured over traditional bulbs due to their other benefits. Fluorescent lamps must not be disposed of in normal waste and need be taken to recycling centres or specialised collection points. Both businesses and households can now also replace their traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs. These are now available in standard fittings and whilst may be more expensive they have the advantages of lasting a lot longer and using a lot less power.

What else can i do with Light Bulbs?

Certain local authority centres will be able to take light bulbs for recycling. There is also special recycling bins that collect light bulbs. Rynes operates recycling collection schemes within it stores where they recycle the bulbs by breaking them down into the metal and glass for processing. Recycling light bulbs is possible!