Recycling Keys

The key to successful recycling!

Can i recycle keys?

Yes. Like other metals, keys can be recycled in the mixed metals recycling facility at most local recycling centres.

How should i recycle my keys?

  • Remove any plastic tags or key rings before depositing your keys in the mixed metals bank.

What else can i do with them?

Sell them!

  • If you have a large collection of keys to dispose of, try contacting a local scrap metal merchant.

Re-use your keys

  • Sew old keys into the bottom hem of your curtains to make them hang straight
  • Tie a number of keys together with string and attach them to a can to create a recycled wind chime.
  • Use a long key as a letter opener, or to cut along packing tape on sealed carboard boxes
  • Paint and use as a handle on the string of a bathroom light or ceiling fan
  • Old keys may be of interest to local artists or designers – advertise locally