Recycling Hearing Aids

Pass on your old hearing aid and help children around the world

Can i recycle hearing aids?

No. Your local recycling centre won’t accept hearing aids for recycling and they can’t be collected as part of your local authority’s kerbside schemes. However, there are other organisations that can reuse them.

What can i do with them?

The Lions Clubs International Hearing Aid Bank Program (HARP) aims to address the hearing needs of children and others around the world and to establish an international hearing aid recycling program to promote the collection, refurbishing and distribution of donated hearing aids. They collect old, used and unused hearing aids (regardless of size, condition or age). If donating a hearing aid, please make sure it is yours to donate as hearing aids on the NHS, for example, remain the property of the NHS and should be returned to them.


For more information visit: Lions Club