Recycling Furniture & Second Hand Furniture Donations

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Furniture can be recycled or re-used!

Can i recycle furniture?

Yes, wooden and metal furniture can be recycled….but first of all ask yourself if your furniture is in reusable condition? If it is then you could donate it to a local charity through the Furniture Donation Network!!

Wooden furniture can be recycled at your local reycling centre

  • Furniture made out of leather or synthetic materials cannot be recycled
  • To dispose of bulky waste items like a sofa or mattress use

What else can i do with it?

Sell it!

  • If you’re getting rid of furniture, try selling it in the local newspaper or try an online marketplace.

Donate or swap it!

  • Ask family, friends and neighbours if they have a use for your sofa or spare bed
  • Donate your furniture through the Furniture Donation Network


  • Choose good quality furniture which can last you a lifetime or longer! It will save you money in the long term.

Buy second-hand

  • If you’re looking for furniture, second-hand is much cheaper than new and you can find amazing one-off items.


It’s great to see that around 400 organisations across the UK are embracing the re-use concept. Whether it is a charity or social enterprise, the services are out there to assist you with your furniture donations.
Charitable recycling is the future, and by donating your unwanted furniture there is a stronger possibility of it being re-used. Many organisations will provide a collection service from you door, and will ensure that your furniture items are given the best possible chance of a new life. Items that are too big to fit into your wheelie bin are far too often taken to the tip, resulting in them being sent to landfill. Donating furniture is the ethical and humanitarian choice. If you need to guarantee a quick collection and you are not sure is the furniture is in ‘good-enough’ condition then use, who guarantee collection for a small fee and refurbish approximately 50% before passing it on to a charity or low income family.