Recycling Fire Extinguishers

After the fires are out what happens to the extinguisher?

Re-use & recycle your fire extinguisher

Can i recycle fire extinguishers?

Most household waste recycling centres will accept fire extinguishers and some local authorities will accept them as a part of the regular houshold rubbish providing they are placed in 2 heavy duty plastic bags and placed with the rest of the bags of waste. Many companies which supply fire extinguishers will be happy to accept the extinguisher back so that they can refill it and reuse the device or they can arrange for its recycling using their own approved recycling routes.

How are they recycled?

All extinguishers contain different substances which are used to dowse fires and these substances are removed and recycled. Gases are captured and compressed and then used as fuels, the remaining cyclinder has the valve knocked off and the metal cyclinder can then be recycled using standard metal recycling techniques.

What else can be done?

One interesting use for fire extinguishers has been carried out by the New Forest Centre in Lydhurst, Hampshire. A local sculptor (Michael Turner) has created eye catching new signs made from old New Forest fire extinguishers.