Recycling Computers

Planning on upgrading your PC?

Help the environment. Recycle your old computer.

Can i recycle computers?

Yes. Your local recycling centre may accept computers for recycling, or you can donate your computer, even if it isn’t in perfect working order!

How should i recycle computers?

  • Contact your local recycling centre to find out what items of equipment they can accept and in what condition
  • Make sure that you permanently delete all files and programs on your computer’s hard-drive
  • Check for any instruction manuals, cables or accessories that you could donate with it.
  • If you are also recycling software with your computer, make sure you include the software licence and any installation CDs

What else can i do with them?

  • If your computer equipment is in good working order, you can donate it to someone else directly.
    • Freecycle is a non-profit movement that encourages people to give things for free in their local community.
    • A local school, community project or youth organisation may be glad to take your computer – try advertising locally.
    • Donate a PC is a marketplace for donors and recipients. Your equipment will go to a UK charity, school or other not-for-profit organisation

    You may also be able to sell your computer. Try advertising in a local paper or notice board.

    Charity schemes

    Donating your unwanted computer equipment to a charity scheme is a great way to help others, and it needn’t be in perfect working order. The technicians may also delete all of your files for you.

    • Computers for Charities will repair and upgrade your computer for use in developing countries
    • Computer Aid will prepare your PC for schools in Africa
    • Oxfam can sell your old computer in their shops and raise funds for their charity work