Recycling Compact Discs (CDs) & Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs)

Let your CDs & DVDs live on after the music’s died!

Help the environment - recycle CD & DVD

Can i recycle CDs & DVD’s?

No. Your local recycling centre or kerbside scheme won’t accept compact discs for recycling. However, there are other organisations that will recycle them for you:

  • Keymood
  • Poly c. Reclaimer
  • PolymerReprocessors Ltd

What else can i do with them?

CD/DVD’s can be re-used in the garden. Hanging up, they make great deterrents for birds.

You can also donate or sell your CDs/DVDs, or re-use them in a creative way.

  • Donate them! Give them to a charity shop, school or jumble sale.
  • Sell them! If your CDs/DVDs aren’t damaged, you might want to put them back into circulation, either by trading them in at a local record dealer or on the internet.

Re-use your cds

  • CDs/DVDs can be covered in felt and used as coasters.
  • You can use your old CDs/DVDs to deter birds from your plants by hanging them in your garden.
  • Create a shiny windchime with several old CDs/DVDs