Recycling Car Batteries

Help the environment take a pit stop..

Help the environment take a pit stop..

Can i recycle car batteries?

  •  Car batteries cannot be disposed of with the household waste by law.
  • When you get your battery replaced, ask the specialist if he will dispose of your old one.
  • They can also be taken to your local recycling centre, scrap metal facility, or garage.
  • Most garages will accept your scrap car batteries and most recycling centres now have the facilities to safely store them.

How are car batteries recycled?

Car batteries are known as wet cell batteries. The battery recycling process incurs dissecting the battery into its various components of lead or silver, acid, the outer covering plastic and also the distilled water. A crusher takes care of the breakdown then the most valuable parts, the lead or silver are extracted. The lead is melted, acid neutralised and water the water is purified.

Recycling car batteries  is not the only batteries that can be recycled. Fore more information, take a look at Recycling Batteries.