Recycling Bricks & Building Rubble

From bricks to bookshelves!

Can i recycle bricks & building rubble?

No. Your local recycling centre won’t accept bricks or rubble for recycling, and they can’t be collected as part of your local authority’s kerbside scheme. Bricks, stones and other building materials that are in good condition can be sold, donated or re-used.

What else can i do with it?

Sell it!

Building materials are always in demand. Advertise in local papers or on community noticeboards. Alternatively, try a jumble or car boot sale. There are also online market places for building materials:

  • Bremap
  • Salvo

Donate it!

A community project near you may have a use for your building bits and pieces.

  • Build features in your garden with left over bricks and stones
  • Turn bricks into bookshelves by stacking at either end; lay old shelves, or sheets of plywood on top and below.
  • Use to weigh down dustbin lids, nets or plastic sheeting