Recycling Beverage Cartons

Beverage Carton Recycling doesn't have to be thirsty work!

Can i recycle beverage cartons?

Sometimes! Because they are made up of more than one substance, many local recycling centres won’t accept them for recycling and they aren’t usually collected as part of your local authority’s kerbside collections, but a few do so it is worth checking.

How should i recycle my beverage cartons?

Firstly check that your local authority can accept them through their website or by giving them a ring. A few local authorities do collect them at the kerbside, then segregate them from paper and other materials either at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) or at the kerbside itself and some local authorities provide recycling banks specifically for beverage cartons at recycling centres.

What are beverage cartons made from?

Beverage Cartons are a composite packaging material, in other words they are not made from paper alone but comprise of about 75% paper, 20% plastic (polyethylene) and 5% aluminium foil (for long-life products). So they can’t be reprocessed with other paper and cardboard.