Recycling Asbestos

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Can I recycle Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and it was a building material used predominantly in the 1970’s there are 3 main types white, blue and brown. Asbestos was classified as a hazardous waste in 2005 as it is made of millions of tiny fibres and when it is handled these fibres can be disturbed potentially causing harm if breathed in. Asbestos should be handled very carefully and by specialists if possible

How is Asbestos recycled?

Unfortunately there is no way of recycling Asbestos other than a new technology developed in the USA which converts Asbestos fibres into harmless minerals of non-toxic from at a price comparable to that of land filling.

What else can be done?

Some skip companies can remove Asbestos safely and some local councils will accept Asbestos at their household waste recycling centres.