Wind Turbine Company Job Losses

Vestas wind Turbine Company has had to close two of its facilities, leaving 425 workers unemployed. The news of this provoked workers to carry out an 18 day occupation of the premises in protest of its closures. The protest lasted 18 days.

A court order was taken out against 6 of the workers that had orchestrated the barricade in order to delay closure.

London’s Regent’s Park saw Climate Rush campaigners chaining themselves to Secretary Lord Mandelson’s property. They said it was an “act of solidarity” along with the workers of the wind turbine plants.

Vestas say that there were an anticipated 625 jobs to be lost, however the actual number of job losses was 625. 40 employees were helped by being offered new jobs at the research and development operation on the Isle of Wight. 57 people will carry out their employment and help with the process of closure until further notice.