Where can I Recycle?

Find a recycling centre here.

Map of recycling locations

Recycling Locations

 Many supermarkets, Local Authorities and other organisations help the environment by creating Recycling Locations. When searching for a recycling centre it is important to check that they accept what you are looking to take in as this may vary from centre to centre.

Local Authorities

In order to find if your local authority and details on its recycling facilities, programs and locations then please use the Gov.uk tool. All you have to do is enter your postcode to be directed right to them! Find the tool here.


Various supermarkets across the UK may have recycling facilities located where their shops are. All the large supermarkets may also take carrier bags for recycling. You can use the Morrissons store locator tool to see which of their shops have facilities.

Other Locations

You can also use search to find many recycling facilities beyond that of the local authority and the supermarkets. The best approach is to search for recycling centres along with the location you are in. That way you can get a tailored listing of any nearby locations!

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