Where Can I Recycle?

Find your nearest recycling centre here.

Find your nearest recycling centre here.

Simply enter your full postcode into our 'where to recycle' box to view a comprehensive list of local recycling locations in your area.

Many supermarkets, Local Authorities and other organisations help the environment by creating Recycling Locations. Recycling.co.uk endeavours to deliver them all to you in a clear local area map, simply enter your full postcode into the 'where to recycle' box on this page to view the recycling locations closest to you. We also provide the details of items that can be left outside ready for collection by your Local Authority.


Use our Recycling tools for free!

From official council websites and media portals to your very own personal website, Recycling.co.uk will provide help and advice about recycling free of charge to anyone wishing to promote more recycling in the UK.

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NOTE: If you are a company that produces electronic or electrical items then you must register with a WEEE Compliance Scheme.