Trade Your Old Mobile for Airmiles

Consumers can now be offered up to 750 air miles for their unwanted mobile phones. has joined forces with Shp Ltd in this new recycling venture.

Its so simple to apply, just visit  and provide details of the make an model of your mobile phone, the condition its in and the serial number, and they will tell you exactly how many airmiles  you will receive.

Both airmiles and Shp state that the majority of unwanted mobile phones once wiped, can be re-used. They are then sent to less privileged countries in the developing world.

If the condition of the phone means that it cannot be re-used, then it will be dismantled and components will be recycled for future re-use. These are standards set by WEEE Directive.

Visit the aimiles website to see exactly what your airmiles can be used for.

Profits taken by the scheme will be used in other environmentally beneficial projects.