Trade Waste Misconduct to be Tackled

The MWDA (Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority), are making it necessary for commercial traders to own a permit for dumping their waste in household waste recycling centres on the Wirral.

This new permit scheme for vans is to ensure that all commercial traders pay their landfill tax and put an end to the illegal dumping. Any person with a van or trailer wishing to deposit household waste at West Kirkby, Bidston and Clatteridge will have to own a permit as of October 1st.

Kevin Cluskey an MWDA councillor said “Abuse of recycling centres by traders and commercial vehicles costs Wirral Council taxpayers thousands of pounds a year and we won’t tolerate it anymore.

“There is no perfect solution to stop traders trying to get onto our sites, but a number of waste authorities are already operating similar initiatives around the country and have found that permit schemes are the best weapon in the war against abusers.

“Applying for a permit will be a quick and painless process.”

Congestion at these three recycling points seems to be an issue that the scheme will be able to diffuse.