Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal prices can vary wildly and often subject to discrepancy amongst merchants. The price of scrap metal is a component of the underlying commodity prices, recovery costs and of course, supply and demand. There are other factors too that may affect the pricing of scrap metal such as your location and the quantity of metal that you are looking to scrap. This means that one can not just look at the underlying commodity prices to determine the value of their scrap metal. Several economic indicators and the local and international stock market may also be factors in scrap metal pricing! As you can see, scrap metal pricing is quite complicated and is continually changing. Interested in seeing the underlying commodity prices? These are available over at the London Metals Exchange.

When calculating the price of scrap metal, it is measured in weight and usually quoted in either  price per tonne (PPT) or price per kilogram.

Scrap Metal Prices - Used Cars are worth money!
Used cars have their own scrap metal price

Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

Scrap yards and metal recyclers throughout the UK will often advertise the prices they are willing to pay. This is done in different categories and grades.Once you know the type of metal you are looking to scrap it is best to shop around your local merchants and see what their scrap metal prices are – this way you can ensure you are getting the best deal!

Scrap Prices at Scrap Yards & Metal Recycler’s

Scrap yards deal in base metals of both ferrous and non-ferrous varieties. If you are looking for prices in precious metals then they are not for you! Ferrous metals, those containing iron, such as steel are the most common metal and the prices reflect that. Other metals such as brass, copper are worth a lot more and are therefore worth recycling if you have any spare laying around! Many scrap metal dealers also provide prices for commonly recycled metal items such as scrap cars, engines, car batteries, aluminium cans and more. 

Scrap Metal Price Guide:

MaterielPrice per Tonne
Aluminium£500 to £1,00
Brass£2000 to £2400
Copper£3000 to £4000
Lead£700 to £1100
Steel£40 to £100

How do Recycler’s provide me with a scrap metal price?

When you take your scrap metal to a recycler they will weigh and grade your load. Most industry experts have vast knowledge here and can grade the load by looking at it. Certain items may require specialist machinery that is able to measure the different metal content in some alloys where they are not sure. All places though should accurately weigh your items and pay you accordingly. In certain situations, the amount may be knocked if your load contains non metal items that are a cost for the recycler to dispose of. This is why it is important that you only take your metal in. That way you can secure the best price for your scrap metal.’s Top Tips to Get The Best Scrap Metal Price!

  • Stay local – Support local! Find a recycler in your local area. Travelling less means time and petrol saved! Alternatively, depending on how much scrap metal you have to recycle, many operators may be willing to collect from you for FREE!
  • Be Informed – Have knowledge of what metals you are taking to be recycled and have an idea of its value.
  • Clean up – Avoid taking any items with you that are non-metal, otherwise you may be charged for their removal.
  • Check Licence – Only deal with licenced and honest operators. Remember it is illegal for anyone to pay you cash for scrap metal, this is outlined in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act
  • Take Identification – All scrap metal recyclers will require photo identification from you

Not sure of the price of your scrap metal? Find out what your item is!

In helping you determine the price of your scrap metal make sure research what metal it is made out of before taking it to a scrap dealer near you. Cars are mainly steel, alloy wheels – as their name suggests are made from alloy and trade at their own price, old pots and pans are likely to be steel. Left over building supplies can range from copper pipes to steel girders. It is worth while taking the time to find out so you know the price of your scrap! Scrap steel prices are amongst the lowest and scrap copper prices are a lot more in comparison. The aluminium scrap price is another popular category

Disposing of your scrap metal via a recycler is a great way to go green and show your commitment to the 3 R’s – Reuse, Reduce, Reycle. 

Scrap metal is big business in the UK and a vital part of the UK economy. Figures show that revenue from this sector is over £5 billion annually. Scrap metal is also the most efficient way to produce new metal products that are used throughout the country and overseas.