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If you’re looking for advice and tips on how to go green and recycle more, you’ve come to the right place! We can tell you what you can recycle, and exactly how you can recycle it!

Although we’re pretty recycling savvy, we’re always interested to hear new tips from eco-friendly folks, so if you’ve got exciting new ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle more, we’d love to hear them! Whether your ideas are plain, simple and sensible or downright crazy and green in the extreme, you can share them here – tell us how you live the three ‘R’s at home, in the office or on the go. Doesn’t matter whether you do it on your own or with friends and family – if you reduce, reuse or recycle, let us know! We’ll publish the best of your tips and tricks here on Recycling.co.uk, so get writing!

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Whether we’re talking about a personal website, a busy blog or an official company or council website, you can get free advice from the Recycling.co.uk team on how to promote the reduce, reuse and recycle ethos to your visitors. You can add our Recycling Centre Locator tool to your website simply by clicking here – register your interest and we’ll send you the source code so you can help your visitors to find their nearest recycling centre.

You can even add our snazzy Heart of Recycling logo to your site to show your visitors what a lean green recycling machine you are!

Here on Recycling.co.uk, you’ll also find tips on how to reuse and recycle anything from yoghurt pots to Christmas trees – we’re pretty imaginative! Plus, we’re proud to be supporting with new community dotcom schemes Scrap Car NetworkSkip Hire NetworkFurniture Donation Network and Bulky Waste, so if you’re looking to recycle or reuse your old furniture and help out a UK charity, read on!

Good Quality Used Furniture

We support Furniture Donation Network, a community dotcom project that aims to make it easy for people across the UK to reuse and recycle good quality used furniture, while helping out UK charities!

If you want to recycle your good quality used furniture, why not log on to the Furniture Donation Network website and choose a collection time? Collections are free of charge and your items will find a new home with someone who otherwise might not be able to afford to furnish their home.

Battered and Bruised Furniture

If you’ve got furniture items that are a little bit more ‘well loved’ – and perhaps a bit battered or bruised (or completely trashed!) – you should try the Bulky Waste collection service!

For a small fee – which helps to fund the service and benefit UK charities – the Bulky Waste team will come and pick your items up from your doorstep. Bulky Waste guarantees collection of your unwanted items, regardless of their condition, so you can just book a collection and relax! Some of the items may be able to be restored, but the team will recycle as many of the other items as possible instead of sending them straight to landfill, like many other collection services.

Scrapping a Car

If your vehicle is old, failed its MOT and beyond economic repair, or written off due to an accident it scrapping your car may be the only option.

Scrap Car Network offers free collection of your car throughout the UK mainland through a comprehensive network of licensed ATFs. In addition to a great price for your Scrap Car, the profits raised by Scrap Car Network sustain a charity which is helping bring an end to homelessness.

Skip Hire

Cleaning up the garden, doing a spring clean or need a skip for your business, whatever your requirements Skip Hire Network offer a variety of skips to meet your requirements.

Skip Hire Network offer a nationwide service allowing them to offer you the best price for your skip hire needs and with their recycling policy you can be assured that the maximum amount of your waste will be recycled or reused without the need for landfill.

Recycling.co.uk is proud to support Community Dotcoms such as BulkyWaste and Furniture Donation Network.

Office Clearance

If you are carrying out a refurbishment or have to update the look of your office you may need to employ an office clearance specialist.

Office Clearance Network utilises a network of partners delivering office clearance services with an emphasis on maximum efficient sustainability and reduction of waste output, carbon footprint and financial cost.

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