No Space for Waste

Research carried out, has found that 75% of new build homes in the Uk do not have adequate space for recycling facilities.

2,500 home owners were surveyed by CABE (The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment), resulting in 72% claiming they did “not have enough space for the three small bins required to recycle properly.”

The chief executive of CABE Richard Simmons quotes “this research brings into question the argument that the market will meet the demands of people living in private housing developments. We need local planning authorities to ensure much higher space standards before giving developments the go-ahead.”

A large percentage of people surveyed said that their homes did not even have enough space for furniture they would like to have, and that their kitchens could not accommodate desired appliances. What chance is there of finding room for 3 recycling boxes we ask?

CABE believe that there are other benefits including educational benefits to having a larger home. More space for example may mean a household has a larger dining area therefore promoting the family to all eat together. As a result of this, better eating habits and stronger family relations can be achieved.