Linking to our site and using our Heart logo is happy for other organisations to place links to our website from their website if appropriate.

If you love Recycling as much as we do then you will probably want to use our Heart shaped Recycling logo. We have several trademarks within the Recycling category and providing that you provide us with the ‘credit’ of ownership by linking to we are quite happy for you to add them to your very own website!

No authorisation is required to place a link from your website to however; you may not use our logo, images taken from our website, or imply a relationship with without authorisation.

No authorisation is given nor any liability taken for any illegal, immoral or dishonest use of the logo or use of the logo on any site containing illegal, immoral or dishonest content. The logo must not be used in this context. Permission to use the logo may be withdrawn at any time.

Using the logo(s)

Guidelines for the use of our logo:

  • The logo must always be accompanied by a link to the website.
  • Any person or organisation using the logo as a referral link to the website must in no way claim or imply a relationship with which has not been authorised. 
  • You must not use terms such as “sponsored by”, “affiliated with” etc, without our permission. 
  • Please contact the team if you would like to request authorisation to use one of these references or another term.

Using images from the website

Under no circumstances must an image from the website be used without our prior authorisation. This would infringe copyright laws and is subject to prosecution.

If you would like to use an image please contact the team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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