Green Light for Eco Towns

The government has just set the ball rolling for the first four eco-towns to be built in the Uk. The go-ahead was given on the 16th of July for these towns that will meet the greenest of standards.

This is the first of ten projects that the government has set up, and the locations of the four towns have been confirmed and will be Whitehill Bordon in Hampshire, Norfolk’s  Rackhath, North west  Bicester in Oxfordshire and another in Cornwall. The government plan for the towns to be up and running by 2020.

The towns will be constructed with sustainability and eco friendly systems being paramount. The most up to date water and recycling systems will be put in place, technologies producing low or even zero carbon will be introduced, and their public transport systems will follow suit.

The government aim for 30 to 50 percent of the accommodations to be on offer as social housing, helping to dilute the housing crisis.

MP Gordon Brown quotes “Eco-towns will help to relieve the shortage of affordable homes to rent and buy and to minimise the effects of climate change on a major scale. They will provide modern homes with lower energy bills, energy efficient offices and brand new schools, community centres and services.”