Recycling Glass

Recycling doesn't have to be a pane (in the glass)

Recycling doesn't have to be a pane (in the glass)

Can I recycle glass?

Yes, many types of glass can be recycled, either via kerbside collection schemes, bottle banks or local recycling centres.

How should I recycle glass?

  • Glass containers such as bottles and jars should be cleaned and any tops or corks removed before recycling.
  • When using bottle banks, put the glass in the correct bank for clear, green or brown glass. Blue glass goes in with green glass.
  • Only use bottle banks during the day - the sound of smashing bottles can make a real racket which disturbs people who live nearby!
  • Remember not to litter the area around the bottle bank with your empty bags and boxes.

What else can I do with it?

Return it!

  • If a bottle is returnable it is better to return it, rather than to recycle it. For example, if your milk bottle came from the milkman, make sure he gets it back!
  • Glass jars and containers are perfect for storing food and last for years
  • Wine bottles can be used as vases or candlesticks
  • Use clear bottles as a kid's money bank
  • Keep small jars to store loose change, seeds, paperclips or screws and nails