Recycling Gas Bottles

Dont bottle it up recycle it!

Dont bottle it up recycle it!

Can I recycle gas bottles?

Gas bottles can be recycled by your local authority and can be taken to any of your household recycling centres in your area. Most suppliers of gas products will be happy to accept the gas bottles back for no charge as they can refurbish and refill the containers for using again. before disposing of a gas bottle call the company that supplied it and see if they would like it back.

How are gas bottles recycled?

Gas bottles are recycled in a very similar way to fire extinguishers, the product inside them is recovered and compressed for reuse or it is used as a fuel.The valve at the top of a gas bottle is removed and used again or recycled for it metal value.The remainder of the gas bottle is made from steel and will be recycled at a tradition metal recycler. If a gas bottle is empty and the vale has been knocked off take your bottle to your loca metal recycler yourself, they will be happy to accept it and will probably give you the scrap metal value of it too!

What else can be done with them?

New age gas bottle are being produced at half the weight of traditional steel ones! The new gas bottles developed by BP are semi transparent and are made of a thermoplastic and fibreglass material. These bottles will have a far more carbon concious impact and also will look more aesthetically pleasing aswell as being easier to handle.