Eco Beach

As the recession forces many to take their annual summer vacation in the Uk, Brighton and Hove City Council are well prepared.  They have provided their beaches with new recycling bins, allowing you to be apply your eco-friendly attitude to the seaside resort.

Bins for glass, plastic bottles, cardboard, and tins are available and will be collected for recycling. There are five sets of these located along the stretch of seafront, and they cannot be missed as they are marked by flags that are four metres high.

A cabinet member for the environment, Geoffery Theobald said “Beach-side recycling is the first step in our drive to enable people to recycle in the city’s busiest visitor areas. We want to make it easy and convenient to recycle and we’ll be following up with sites in the city centre.”

Along with the bins on the beach, there will be another 30 recycling bins dotted round the city centre. If the strategy works then they aim to place them in more locations over the city.