Considerate Capitalism & Commercial Recycling

Ethical commercial recycling has taken a step in the direction of considerate capitalism and many businesses large and small are starting to consider their waste options more diligently.

Correct procedures and landfill reduction or even landfill eradication are essential to many corporate waste managers, but when this has been achieved, coupled with a competitive price and reliable service, these same waste managers are now starting to ask “what else differentiates you from the competition?”

Enter Recycling Lives! This game-changing solution to community regeneration and job creation has just been endorsed by the British Government, within their 2012 Social Justice Bill. Not only does Recycling Lives tick all the boxes in good practice and excellent service, but it also ticks the boxes in assisting marginalised people to start-up their own business, train for a new job or improve their education in an un-daunting environment. The Recycling Lives Charity even provides accommodation and employment opportunities to people that would otherwise be homeless.

All charity services are fully funded and sustained by the revenues generated by the recycling company, which means that waste managers placing contracts with Recycling Lives have done much more for their community than merely finding a suitable waste management partner. Considerate capitalism can be achieved through commercial recycling through the right company.