Recycling Carpets

Your old rug could work magic in your garden!

Can I recycle carpets?

No. Your local recycling centre won’t usually accept carpets, mats or rugs for recycling.

  • Instead, if your carpet is in good condition, try selling it! Advertise in local papers or on community noticeboards.
  • Or donate it! Give it to a charity shop, school or jumble sale.

What else can I do with them?

  • Furniture re-use groups such as CROFT (Chelmsford Recycling Furniture Project & Task Force) will accept clean unwanted carpets. You can contact them by phone. Tel: 01245 494 223
  • Local gardening groups may also be interested, as carpets make good mulch.

Re-use your carpets

  • Use in your garden as mulch, or between rows of plants to prevent weeds
  • Cut up carpets for use as foot mats in cars or to line the boot.
  • Cut into small circles and place under the feet of heavy furniture. This should help to protect your new carpet!Take old mats or rugs on camping or caravan holidays to use as a doormat
  • Old pieces of carpet can be used to cover your compost bin over the winter