Bulky Waste Collection Service Changes in Hartepool

The current bulky waste service run by Hartepool Borough Council is set to make changes to its service.

With the news of Government spending cuts to be impended, the council can no longer afford to offer the free service it currently provides to the residents of Hartlepool. They will not only be introducing a charge but they will also reduce the number of items for each collection. For Hartlepool, this will not be the first time there has been a charge for the service as several years back there was a fixed charge in place.

The bulky waste service can be very expensive for councils to run therefore many are being left with no other option than to incorporate a charge for the service. A 33% reduction in the council’s government grant for the next four years means action needs to be taken.

Fiona Srogi, Waste Management team leader said “The principle of charging for bulky household waste collections is not new – several years ago it used to be £5 for four items and then £6 for eight items. The charge was only dropped when the Council’s free skip service on estates ceased.” “The fact is this service is very costly to run and the Government’s spending cuts have left us with no choice but to make changes”

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