Building Your Compost Bin

Firstly choose your compost bin site, somewhere warm and out of strong wind is best and prepare the ground as directed here. For your bin you will need:


  • Four 4ft High Fence Posts
  • Wire Netting (Chicken Wire is fine)
  • Galvanised Fence Hooks and eyes


  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Wire Cutters
  • Large Mallet
  • 4” sq Wooden block
  • Thick gloves

Mark out a square 1 meter x 1 meter and knock your posts into the ground at each of the four corners (fig 1-2) using your wooden block and a large, heavy mallet. The posts will need to sink around 6” to 8” inches, but as long as they feel sturdy in the ground no depth is best or worst.

Next, cut three pieces of chicken wire to 1 metre widths and to the height of your posts. Nail these pieces to your posts using the galvanised hooks to enclose three sides of your bin (fig 3), the two sides and the back. Do not nail anything to what you perceive as the front of your bin yet…

For the front of your bin cut a length of chicken wire to the correct width but a few inches short, leaving a gap large enough to get a spade under to remove ready to use compost – around 10”. To start it off, add around 4-5” of course material like twigs or straw…this will help the air to circulate and speed decomposition. You are now ready to start composting (fig 4-5).

Your compost bin is now ready!